ENGL 350
Modern Poetry Fall 2018
Division I
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A study of British and American poetry between 1890 and 1945, centering on the radical aesthetic, formal and political shifts which took place during the Modernist era. We will consider the changing authorial and public perceptions of the place and function of poetry during the period, the cross-pollinations and strains between the British and American literary traditions, and the writers’ individual relationships with the culture of their times. Readings will focus primarily on the poetry of W.B. Yeats, Robert Frost, T.S. Eliot, William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound, Marianne Moore, Wallace Stevens and W.H. Auden.
The Class: Type: discussion/seminar
Limit: 25
Expected: 25
Class#: 1709
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: two 6+ page papers, several shorter writing assignments, and class participation
Extra Info: may not be taken on a pass/fail basis; not available for the fifth course option
Prerequisites: a 100-level ENGL course, or a score of 5 on the AP English Literature exam, or a score of 6 or 7 on the Higher Level IB English exam
Enrollment Preferences: English and Comparative Literature majors
Distributions: Division I
Attributes: ENGL Literary Histories C

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