JAPN 404
Advanced Seminar in Japanese II Spring 2016 Division I; Exploring Diversity Initiative;
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This course is designed for advanced Japanese language students. The goal is for students to be able to carry on extended discourse–such as a discussion, a speech, or an interview–in a culturally appropriate manner; to read authentic materials with ease; and to make presentations and write research papers on issues of interest. The course will focus on current social, cultural, educational, and political issues in Japan. This course, which is conducted entirely in Japanese, has the EDI designation since students are immersed in a Japanese language environment and the course materials will involve critical thinking and discussion of two diverse cultures, Japan and the U.S.
The Class: Type: three hours per week
Limit: none
Expected: 5
Class#: 3566
Requirements/Evaluation: evaluation will be based on daily classroom performance, homework, quizzes, and projects
Prerequisites: JAPN 403 or permission of instructor
Distributions: Division I; Exploring Diversity Initiative;

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