LATS 340
U.S. Afro-Latinidades Fall 2019
Division II

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This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to examine the history, lived experiences, and cultural productions of Afro-Latinx in the United States. Discussions in the course will center on three related questions: What is Afro-Latinidad? How does Blackness in Latin America differ from its articulation among Afro-Latinx in the United States? And, how have migration and sociopolitical processes impacted the lives of U.S. Afro-Latinx and our collective understanding of Afro-Latinidad? Throughout the course, we will draw on literature in the social sciences and humanities to examine the transnational nature of race and Blackness across the Americas, as well as the intersection between these identities and gender, sexuality, and class. We will also examine several media and cultural productions of U.S. Afro-Latinx (poems, novels, documentary films, blogs, and social media sites) and critically analyze their articulation of the Afro-Latinx experience.
The Class: Type: seminar
Limit: 20
Expected: 18
Class#: 1490
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: evaluation based on participation, reading reflections, leading discussion, a 5- to 8-page midterm essay, and a 12- to 15-page final essay or a final collaborative project
Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preferences: Latina/o Studies concentrators
Distributions: Division II
Attributes: LATS Core Electives

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