MUS 110
Electronic Music Genres, a Creative Approach Fall 2022 (also offered Spring 2023)
Division I
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In this course, students will study the theoretical and practical fundamentals of audio technology, MIDI production, sound design, and interactive composition. Students are not required to have any background in Music Technology. We will start by covering the basics of Electronic Music but the class will move at a fast pace covering more advance subjects in a short period of time. We will go over concepts of Physics acoustic, MIDI (sequencing, etc), Sound editing, Digital Signal Processing Effects, Sound Synthesis, and Interactive electronic music composition using Ableton Live, Max4Live, as well as Max MSP for students to learn how to program their own virtual synthesizers and/ or algorithmic composition to create interactive music in real time. Electronic Music Composition is a central part of the class. Students can choose any aesthetic of their choice for the composition projects, since the the focus of the class is on teaching students the technological tools to create the music of their choice. Students will be encouraged to mix different styles of music creating fusion.
The Class: Format: seminar
Limit: 8
Expected: 8
Class#: 1878
Grading: no pass/fail option, yes fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: Four fusion composition projects and weekly presentation of students mini-projects focused on the electronic music techniques studied in class, and based on student research of musical styles chosen for their projects.
Prerequisites: One of the following: MUS 102, MUS 103, or permission of instructor for those students that have taken music lessons in their previous school: please contact [email protected]
Enrollment Preferences: Music majors, students with previous experience in Music.
Distributions: Division I

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