MUS 226
Introduction to the Music of Brazil Spring 2016 Division I;
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A course designed to acquaint students with an overview of the history and development of the music of Brazil, from African and colonial antecedents to the present. Students will examine characteristics of West African music brought to Brazil as a part of the Portuguese colonization, as well as how these musical elements and influences comingled with those of the European immigrant population to create a variety of distinctly national musical styles, including Batucada, Choro, Frevo, Samba, Bossa Nova, and MPB (música popular brasileira), among others. Composers and musicians whose work will be studied will include Alfredo da Rocha Viana Sr., Pixinguinha (Alfredo da Rocha Viana Jr.), Noel Rosa, Luiz Gonzaga(Gonzagão), Heitor Villa Lobos, A.C. Jobim, Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Hermeto Pascoal, Egberto Gismonti, Mario Adnet, and others. Musical literacy sufficient to engage in score study and formal analysis is required.
The Class: Type: lecture - weekly lecture format with assigned readings and listening
Limit: 19
Expected: 19
Class#: 3623
Requirements/Evaluation: midterm and final exams as well as two 10-page research papers
Extra Info: may not be taken on a pass/fail basis
Prerequisites: MUS 104a or b
Enrollment Preference: Music majors and Jazz Ensemble members
Department Notes: MUS World Music/Ethnomusicology--class of 2017 and beyond
Distributions: Division I;
Attributes: MUS World Music/Ethnomusicology

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