MUS 352
Interplay: Collaborative Traditions in Jazz Spring 2021
Division I
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“Meaningful theorizing about jazz improvisation at the level of the ensemble must take the interactive, collaborative context of musical invention as a point of departure”- Ingrid Monson, Saying Something. Collaboration gives birth to specific musical moments, shapes the dramatic arc of whole pieces and performances, and is the foundation out of which the styles and larger artistic identities of individuals and groups arise. This class is an opportunity for advanced students of jazz music to investigate the uniquely collaborative nature of jazz language assimilationand communication. Participants will transcribe and analyze examples of musical interplay from the recorded works of the Miles Davis Quintet of the 1960’s, the John Coltrane Quartet of the 1960’s, and other notable jazz ensembles. They will also undertake a thorough profile of a modern-day ensemble, including a performance-based final project. Essays on jazz aesthetics by Berliner, Monson, Hobson and Rinzler among others will serve to broaden our discussions as we examine the ideas of musical collaboration and group identity through social and commercial lenses.
The Class: Format: tutorial; hybrid
Limit: 10
Expected: 8
Class#: 5507
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: an assortment of weekly writing/listening/transcription/analysis/composition/performance projects
Prerequisites: advanced jazz theory and performance skills, permission of instructor, MUS 104b, 204 highly suggested
Enrollment Preferences: Music majors, jazz ensemble members
Distributions: Division I

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