Religion 2024-25

The study of religion provokes questions about ultimate authority, the meaning of life, truth, the good, the supernatural, the special destinies of particular human groups, and other matters of profound concern. A major in Religion will provide the student with a critical perspective on various answers to these questions and their significance to different communities.

The major is designed to perform two related functions: to expose the student to the methods and issues involved in the study of “religion” as a phenomenon of psychological, sociological, and cultural/historical dimensions; and to confront students with the beliefs, practices, and values of specific religions. The major further provides students with critical interdisciplinary analytical tools and new ways to appreciate and interpret cultural, historical, political, and philosophical differences more generally. Religion challenges its majors to ask the most important questions and encourages them to study how different peoples have attempted to render their lives meaningful. What one learns as a Religion major is therefore remarkably applicable to not only a range of other fields, but also to life in general. More information can be found on the Religion site.

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