REL 217
Medieval England Spring 2018 Division II; Cross-listed as REL217 / HIST231
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Across the entire world of the Middle Ages, no region has captured the modern imagination as much as medieval England. From the Battle of Hastings to Magna Carta, from Braveheart to King Arthur, medieval English history and popular knowledge of the medieval past are closely linked. This course will survey the history of England from the Roman period through the reign of Richard II (AD 43-1399). We will find a great deal to detain us in these thirteen centuries, including the Anglo-Saxon settlement of England and subsequent conversion to Christianity, the Viking raids of the ninth and tenth centuries, the Norman Conquest, the growth of English common law, the murder of Thomas Beckett, Edward I’s campaigns in Wales and Scotland, the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381, and the beginning of the Hundred Years War. We will focus particularly on power and politics, but primary readings will add important social, cultural and religious context. Our meetings will emphasize lectures and discussion equally. No prior knowledge is expected.
The Class: Type: lecture/discussion
Limit: 40
Expected: 35
Class#: 3460
Requirements/Evaluation: evaluation will be based upon a series of 500-word papers and weekly quizzes
Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preference: History majors
Distributions: Division II;
Attributes: HIST Group C Electives - Europe and Russia; HIST Group P Electives - Premodern

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