REL 286
The Bible and Migration: Latinx Perspectives Fall 2022
Division II
Cross-listed LATS 285
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This course seeks to understand migration in the current historical moment, around the globe but especially on the US border. The lenses through which we will explore migration include Religion, with special focus on the Christian Bible. We will explore instances of and reflections on migration in the Bible, as well as various interpretations of the Bible emerging today in debates over migration. The course will approach US migration from the perspective of Latinx communities in the US – historically, culturally, politically, and religiously. Readings will include: The Bible, monographs and essays on the Bible and Migration, especially from the perspectives of Latinx authors and thinkers.
The Class: Format: seminar
Limit: 25
Expected: 15
Class#: 1362
Grading: yes pass/fail option, yes fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: Participation in class discussions; two to three short essays (3-5 pages each) analyzing selected readings; a longer final research paper (7-10 pages) on an aspect of Bible and Migration of interest to the student defined in consultation with the professor.
Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preferences: Religion majors and Latinx Studies concentrators, and those interested in these areas of study
Distributions: Division II
Notes: This course is cross-listed and the prefixes carry the following divisional credit:
LATS 285 Division II REL 286 Division II
Attributes: LATS Core Electives

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