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RLSP 104
Upper Intermediate Spanish Spring 2021
Division I

Class Details

This course is a continuation of Spanish 103. It focuses on the review of grammar as well as on refining writing and speaking skills. A variety of written and audiovisual journalistic media will enable students to deepen their understanding of Hispanic cultures. The course is taught remotely. There will be two different sections of this course: one will be taught by Professor Carlos MacĂ­as Prieto, and the second one by Professor Carolina Melgarejo-Torres. Each section will have a maximum number of 12 students.
The Class: Format: lecture; Students will spend 4 hours per week in class, in active on-line engagement with their Professor, Teaching Associate (TA), and classmates. In addition to the regular MWF classes with their Professor, students will meet for one additional hour per week with the TA. As will be explained in the course syllabus and at the first class meeting, this additional hour with the TA will take place at a time (to be decided during the first weeks of class) that is mutually beneficial for the TA and students.
Limit: 24
Expected: 24
Class#: 5602
Grading: yes pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: weekly 1- to 2-page compositions, regularity of class participation, oral reports, frequent quizzes, a midterm and a final exam
Prerequisites: RLSP 103 or by Spanish placement exam
Enrollment Preferences: If the course is over-subscribed, priority will be given to first-year students and others with a demonstrable commitment to study of Spanish.
Distributions: Division I

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