Russian 2022-23

The Russian Program at Williams offers the opportunity to study the Russian language on all levels from beginner to advanced and the chance to learn about Russia’s rich history of literature, culture, politics, and art in courses taught entirely in English. Russian language classes at Williams are small and intimate, and they emphasize speaking Russian from the very first day. As a matter of course, Russian language classes focus on the relationship between language and culture and explore how language arises from and contributes to cultural difference. We encourage students to study abroad in Russia and other countries of the Former Soviet Union, and we offer both a 10-course Russian major and a 7-course Certificate in Russian. If you already know some Russian and would like to continue studying the language at Williams, you should consult with a member of the Department to determine which language course is right for you. We also sponsor a weekly Russian Table, to which all Russian speakers on campus and in the community are invited, as well as annual events like a Russian Pot-Luck Dinner each fall and a Russian Talent Night in spring. More information can be found on the Russian site.

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