Theatre 2023-24

The Department of Theatre is committed to the merging of embodied practice and scholarship in the fields of theatre and performance studies. The curriculum is dedicated to the study, practice, appreciation, and interpretation of theatre, performance, and other time-based arts. The major in Theatre emphasizes the collaborative nature of the theatre and performance making by drawing upon courses offered by faculty of the Language, Literature, Music, and Art Departments. Although students will be equipped to proceed to graduate and professional schools in theatre, the major is primarily directed toward those interested in studying theatre and performance as artistic phenomenon and as interpretive tools. Because a deep understanding of theatre requires training and experience with the synthesis on stage, the major includes curricular study of production and performance, as well as continued participation in departmental stage production.

The production arm of the Department of Theatre operates under the supervision of the departmental faculty. Major departmental productions as well as laboratory and experimental productions of all kinds are mounted on the new stages of the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance. Participation in acting or technical work is open to all members of the Williams College community. Students majoring in Theatre will be asked to consult regularly with departmental advisors in devising the sequence of courses and production participation that will constitute their major. More information can be found on the Theatre site.

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