Writing-Intensive (WI) 2022-23

The Writing-Intensive (WI) requirement is intended to improve student writing proficiency across disciplines. Students in these courses will receive guidance on style, argumentation, and other significant aspects of writing, as well as evaluation and criticism of their writing throughout the semester. This may be achieved through a variety of approaches: brief assignments spaced over the semester, sequenced assignments leading to a longer final paper, etc. WI courses may also include multiple drafts, conferences, peer review, or class discussions designed to improve writing skills. A course with a single long paper due at the end of the semester, but with no required or structured means of addressing writing issues, would not be considered writing-intensive. WI courses require a minimum of 20 pages of writing and have a maximum enrollment of 19-this allows the instructor to devote appropriate attention to writing over the course of the semester.

All students are required to take TWO WI courses: one by the end of sophomore year and one by the end of the junior year. Students will benefit most from WI courses by taking them early in their college careers and are strongly encouraged to complete the requirement by the end of sophomore year.

The WI requirement expires at the end of 2018-19 and will be replaced by the new Writing Skills (WS) requirement.

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