ARTS 315
Last Offered Fall 2020
Division I
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In this tutorial, students will explore how humor has been used by artists to communicate ideas powerfully, while working to develop their own voice, ideas, and strengths, visually. Students will explore the nuances of humor as a way to effectively communicate ideas through a visual format. Humor will be used as a way to unpack themes around intimacy and estrangement, history and memory, activism and protest, storytelling, play and silliness. Students will explore how one’s vulnerability in their work can become empowering. Being funny is not a prerequisite, nor the goal for this course, though it is absolutely welcome! The class will require good communication and will start with establishing a safe and trusting group dynamic that can encourage experimentation and risk taking. Through assigned readings, screenings, and visits to the WCMA students will explore themes of humor in painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, design, film, comedy performance and literature. This course is interdisciplinary and open to all media. Assignments in this course will be conceptually driven with formal restrictions depending on the students chosen medium. Students are expected to have a working knowledge of their medium prior to taking this course.
The Class: Format: tutorial; The class will meet twice a week with one meeting in-person and the second meeting remote. Depending on the class size we may break into smaller independent lab groups / discussion groups.
Limit: 10
Expected: 10
Class#: 2935
Grading: no pass/fail option, no fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: Quality of work produced, depth and quality of investigative process, participation in critique and discussion, class citizenship, attendance
Prerequisites: A previous course in the medium in which you plan to work. Students are expected to have a working knowledge of their medium prior to taking this course.
Enrollment Preferences: art majors or permission of instructor
Materials/Lab Fee: Students will be responsible for purchasing their own materials.
Distributions: Division I

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  • ARTS 315 - TUT Humor
    ARTS 315 TUT Humor
    Division I
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