'68 Center for Career Exploration 2024-25

Experiential learning and career exploration are integral themes of Winter Study. The ‘68 Center for Exploration has developed several courses for you to take advantage of at various stages of your career development.

For folks who are just getting started exploring careers, we’ve created a deep dive with our immersive CCE 42: Exploring Careers course. Students don’t need any background or specific career interests in mind to benefit from this career exploration intensive. First years and sophomores are an ideal fit for this course, which will cover basic career skills development areas like self-assessment, resume, cover letter, interviewing, and networking. With subgroups in STEM, Arts & Media, Business, and Social Impact, students will have the opportunity to connect with alums and others working in fields of interest. At the end of the course, we will take a 3-day trip to New York City to visit organizations in fields students are particularly interested in.

For those who have identified interests in particular industries and are looking to go deeper into skill and knowledge building in those areas, the ‘68 Center partners with alumni and community members to offer a growing number of courses. From healthcare shadowing to EMT training to investing in real funds to entrepreneurship basics, these courses will give students an opportunity to network and get exposure through observation and practice in career fields they are interested in.

Our winter study internship course (CCE 21) is open to all majors and class years (please note: first years must remain on campus but can work locally or remotely). Participating in a winter study internship is the opportunity to be immersed full time with an organization to explore a potential career interest via this short timeframe. While the ‘68 Center posts some internships for CCE 21, many students find or create internships independently. Career advisors are happy to meet with you throughout the fall semester to help you develop your strategy and support you in your Winter Study internship search.

Most of the ‘68 Center courses will have applications to fill out with deadlines starting in the middle of October. If you’re wondering which courses would be the best fit for you, meet with a career advisor, and we can help you navigate the options!

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