DANC 305
Advanced Ballet Technique and Performance Spring 2022
Division I

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Designed for intermediate/advanced ballet dancers, this is primarily a studio course. Twice a week dancers will have a 75 minute ballet technique class composed of barre and center work (adage, pirouettes, petit allegro, grand allegro); pointe work and/or partnering will follow for a 1/2 hour, as applicable. The 3rd weekly class meeting will consist of a warm-up followed by rehearsal of a new ballet that will be created for the class. This new ballet will be performed in a formal setting later in the semester, to be determined based on covid protocols at the time. In Spring 2021, classes will be offered each week in the following formats: in-studio for on-campus students; live-streaming for off-campus students in a similar time zone; recorded classes pre-recorded films for off-campus students unable to realistically engage in the “live” session blocks. If the number of on-campus students exceeds the studio space limit for this year, we will follow an alternating studio/livestream schedule. It is understood that some students may be taking class in restrictive spaces and, as necessary, students should seek advice from instructor regarding adaptation tools.This course MAY BE REPEATED for general academic credit. ANY student with adequate prior training is welcome to this class! Material will be introduced at an intermediate/advanced level, and individuals will be assessed on their own personal progress.
The Class: Format: studio; There will be at least two performances, outside the informal studio setting, of the original ballet the students will be learning.
Limit: 12
Expected: 6
Class#: 3376
Grading: yes pass/fail option, yes fifth course option
Requirements/Evaluation: Quality of participation and progress (throughout the semester) in classes, rehearsals, and performances. Each student will be expected to review/rehearse material on their own, outside of regular classes/rehearsals, in order to come to each meeting prepared and ready to progress.
Prerequisites: a minimum of three years prior training in ballet, and a demonstrated ability to safely keep up with this level of instruction; permission of instructor required
Enrollment Preferences: Students with demonstrated ability and desire to work collaboratively, thoughtfully, rigorously
Materials/Lab Fee: Ballet class attire (i.e., leotards, tights/leggings, slippers and/or pointe shoes)--students are responsible for acquiring personal clothing and shoes. Est. cost $75-150.
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