Independent Study: Economics Winter 2024

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Open to upperclass students. Students interested in doing an independent project (99) during Winter Study must make prior arrangements with a faculty sponsor. The student and professor then complete the independent study proposal form available online. The deadline is typically in late September. Proposals are reviewed by the pertinent department and the Winter Study Committee. Students will be notified if their proposal is approved prior to the Winter Study registration period. Winter Study 99 projects sponsored by the economics department must adhere to a specific set of rules outlined on the economics department website at ( Please review these rules well in advance of the deadline.
The Class: Format: independent study
Limit: NA
Expected: NA
Class#: 1151
Grading: pass/fail only
Requirements/Evaluation: 5 page paper on the economics literature relevant to the project is due at the beginning of the Winter Study period. For an internship, a final 10 page paper summarizing the findings of the internship and relating them explicitly to the issues discussed in the proposal is required at the end of the Winter Study period. Proposals for 99s other than internships must set out a clear schedule of work and means of evaluation. Unless compelling considerations argue otherwise, you should expect to include a paper as part of your work.
Prerequisites: ECON 110 or ECON 120, plus one economics course relevant to the project.
Enrollment Preferences: NA

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