Winter Naturalist's Journal Winter 2022

Cross-listed ENVI 20 / ENGL 20
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This course will engage with the natural world through writing, drawing, and personal observation. Students will spend time out-of-doors exploring the ecosystem of the Williamstown area, and indoors practicing reflective writing (both poetry and prose) as well as observational drawing. Everyone will be required to keep a nature journal, which will be shared and displayed as part of the final project. This course is designed for students who are interested in environmental studies, creative writing, and drawing. The instructor will meet with the students for 6 hours of in-class time, and will provide assignments totaling at least 15 hours a week, including daily visits to a chosen spot on campus for writing and observation. Students will be provided with a binder of articles and poems, which they will be expected to read and comment on. There will be at least one field trip. The class will conclude with a celebratory reading/showing of student work. Students will be required to keep a daily journal, and also to write in class. They will be asked to perfect and edit several of these pieces in place of a ten-page paper, and to read one or more of them at the final celebration.
The Class: Format: lecture
Limit: 12
Grading: pass/fail only
Requirements/Evaluation: final project or presentation, daily journal and several 2 to 3 page papers
Prerequisites: none
Enrollment Preferences: random selection
Unit Notes: Christian McEwen is author of "World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down" and the editor of "Jo's Girls; Tomboy Tales of High Adventure; The Alphabet of the Tress: A Guide to Nature Writing" as well as several other books. She is currently working on a book called "In Praise of Listening". Guest lecturer Barbara Bash is an artist and calligrapher who has published several books, including True Nature: An Illustrated Journal of Four Seasons in Solitude.
Materials/Lab Fee: $32
Notes: This course is cross-listed and the prefixes carry the following divisional credit:
Attributes: EXPE Experiential Education Courses

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