German 2023-24

The German department provides language instruction in all four skills—understanding, speaking, reading, and writing—from the elementary through the advanced levels in GERM 101-102, 103, 104, and 201. For highly committed beginning students, GERM 120 is an intensive communicative one-semester version of Elementary German; GERM 111-112 offers an alternative introduction to German with a focus on reading competence. In the bridge course GERM 202 students begin to study cultural and historical content in the original, a process that continues at a higher level in our thematically focused 300-level courses. Courses on the culture of German-speaking countries are sometimes offered in English translation. We strongly urge students to study abroad in a German-speaking country, either through direct enrollment or through one of several approved study-abroad programs. The department offers both a 10-course major and a 7-course certificate in German. Entering students should take the placement test during First Days, and also contact a faculty member, to determine how to plot their path through the program. More information can be found on the German site.

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