Mindful Leadership Winter 2023

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Why should anyone be led by you? What are you doing to strengthen your ability to speak truth to power, to embody compassion, and to perform at your best? Mindfulness can shift our baseline level of happiness, help us to navigate upheaval in our lives, and enable us to lead through uncertainty. In this experiential learning course-blending (still and moving) meditation with leadership development-you will heighten your ability to navigate intense emotions, develop strategies for working with your inner critic, explore impermanence (yes, we are all going to die), cultivate lovingkindness, and elevate your ability to perform (we can all do better…especially if we can harness flow). You will also explore storytelling, decision-making, debriefing, embodied dance, the enneagram, pivotal life moments, and polarities. Ready to drop in, breathe, and show up fully? While exploring and integrating, you will co-facilitate an experience for the group that you believe will contribute to our collective learning. You will co-facilitate the debrief of another student-led exercise-to draw out lessons learned. Near the end of the course, you will also contribute to lead a session for the Williams community. Through readings, podcasts, and videos we will be inspired by thinkers such as: Amy Edmondson, Jim Detert, Zander Grashow, Kelly Lewis, and Christopher Alexander as well as mindfulness practitioners such as: Jack Kornfield, Mark Coleman, Ruth King, and Sharon Salzberg. You’ll also venture off-campus with your pod to explore the Clark and MASS MoCA.
The Class: Format: lecture
Limit: 16
Expected: NA
Class#: 1196
Grading: pass/fail only
Requirements/Evaluation: final project or presentation
Prerequisites: open to all students; no previous mindfulness, leadership development, nor movement experience required
Enrollment Preferences: statement of interest (share a bit about yourself and your interest in the course)
Unit Notes: Jamie coaches changemakers to do what brings them alive. He accompanies executive committees and startup teams to explore their way of being (what must you believe to lead differently) and effectiveness (we can all do better). He is an Integral master coach, a certified mindfulness teacher--and he's fortunate to have worked with organizations such as: The Gates Foundation, Google, Greenpeace, Purpose, MIT Solve and the Williams ski teams. Still curious? Learn more: www.jamiehunt.org

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