RLSP 217
Love in the Spanish Golden Age Spring 2013 Division I; Writing-Intensive;
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The principal focus of this course is the Spanish “comedia” of the seventeenth century (with supplemental readings from prose and poetry) to provide us with a dynamic and critical understanding of the theme of love as constructed by the greatest dramatists and authors of the period. Works by Lope de Vega, Tirso de Molina, Calderón, Cervantes, San Juan de la Cruz, and others will show us how the theme was treated from diverse perspectives, and how it related to key concepts such as honor, religion, and artistic creativity. Conducted in Spanish or English depending on student ability.
The Class: Type: tutorial
Limit: 10
Expected: 10
Class#: 3962
Requirements/Evaluation: students will meet with the instructor each week in groups of two, one student will read a 5-pg paper, left in advance for the tutorial partner, and the other will critique the paper; evaluation is based on the quality of the wkly essays& critiques
Extra Info: can be taken Gaudino not pass/fail option
Extra Info 2: as well as evidence of preparation, punctuality of submission, and quality of discussion; by the end of the semester each student will have produced around 25 pages of writing
Prerequisites: Spanish 105 and above or permission of instructor
Enrollment Preference: students with a background in literature
Distributions: Division I; Writing-Intensive;

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