A Taste of Austria 2024 Winter 2024

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Planned Travel Date: 11 Days of travel during January 3th – January 26 Flight to Vienna. Explore two cities Vienna and Graz with an “Intermission in the Countryside” staying at the Rogner Therme, designed by Austrian artist Hundertwasser, immersing ourselves with the Austrian world of wellness & focus on health and wellbeing at the thermal baths (access to pools optional), Yoga and reading literature by Austrian authors (Stefan Zweig, and TBA). Visit the Zotter Chocolate manufactory with sampling the varieties of chocolates! Vienna: Hotel Regina. Visit Museums: Albertina (TBA), Belvedere (Gustav Klimt “The Kiss”), Kunsthistorisches Museum, Jewish Museum, Sammlung Leopold (Gustav Klimt “Life and Death”) visit the Sigmund Freud Museum, Haus der Musik, Narrenturm (TBA). Planned Activities in Vienna: enjoy a historic Coffee House with it’s Coffee House Culture: visit one of the following coffee houses: Aida, Central Demel, Diglas, Hawelka to name a few. Graz: Boutique Hotel Dom Tour the city of Graz, hike up the Schlossberg visit the Opera House, and enjoy a piano concert at the University of Music and Performing Arts. Guided tour of the Zeughaus with the worlds largest collection of armour from the 15th to the 18th century. How GREEN is Austria? Learning about sustainable energy in Austria. Visit a sustainable power plant in Fernitz, 30 min bus ride from Graz. You will experience the “Gemuetlichkeit” and how to dance the Polka & Viennese Waltz. Daily meeting before excursions: Instructions to learn the German Language. Plan to carve out some time to start online German lessons before the trip, for example on Duolingo! Attendance will be expected for all activities (except optional thermal baths). Students will present a presentation on their favorite Austrian Topic (Mozart, Schubert, History of Austria, Cooking and Culture in Austria,… and write an assignment (2-4 pages) on the Chess Story, reflection on the trip (2-10 pages) and will create a trip diary.
The Class: Format: travel
Limit: 12
Expected: 12
Class#: 1219
Grading: pass/fail only
Requirements/Evaluation: A 10-page paper.; Short paper and final project or presentation; Attendance and overall participation, presentation 20min & assignments reading & writing.
Prerequisites: No prerequisites, except being a motivated and reliable culture loving student.
Enrollment Preferences: Students will be randomly chosen in case of over-enrollment. Every student will write a motivational statement for taking this trip. Highly motivated and reliable students welcome.
Unit Notes: Vienna Medical University graduate, worked in the Opera in Graz, got inspired by Emeritus Williams College Professor Kurt Tauber to teach a culture class, because she enjoys sharing her love of art, culture languages and wellness.
Materials/Lab Fee: $3,400
Attributes: TRVL Winter Study Travel Course

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