Quantitative/Formal Reasoning (QFR) 2019-20

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The Quantitative/Formal Reasoning (QFR) requirement is intended to help students become adept at reasoning mathematically and abstractly. The ability to apply a formal method to reach conclusions, use numbers comfortably, and employ the research tools necessary to analyze data lessens barriers to carrying out professional and economic roles. The hallmarks of a QFR course are the representation of facts in a language of mathematical symbols and the use of formal rules to obtain a determinate answer. Primary evaluation in these courses is based on multistep mathematical, statistical, or logical inference (as opposed to descriptive answers).

Prior to senior year, all students must satisfactorily complete ONE QFR course. Students requiring extra assistance (as assessed during First Days) are normally placed into Mathematics 100/101/102, which is to be taken before fulfilling the QFR requirement.

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