Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford University 2024-25

Williams College offers a year-long program of studies at Oxford University in co-operation with Exeter College (founded in 1314), one of the constituent colleges of the University. Williams students will be enrolled as Visiting Students at Exeter and as such will be undergraduate members of the University, eligible for access to virtually all of its facilities, libraries, and resources. As Visiting Students in Oxford, students admitted to the Programme will be fully integrated into the intellectual and social life of one of the world’s great universities.

Although students on the Programme will be members of Exeter College, entitled to make full use of Exeter facilities (including the College Library), dine regularly in Hall, and join all College clubs and organizations on the same terms as other undergraduates at Exeter, students will reside in Ephraim Williams House, a compound of four buildings owned by Williams College, roughly 1.4 miles north of the city centre. Up to six students from Exeter College will normally reside in Ephraim Williams House each year, responsible for helping to integrate Williams students into the life of the College and the University. A resident director (and member of the Williams faculty) administers Ephraim Williams House, oversees the academic program, and serves as both the primary academic and personal advisor to Williams students in Oxford. More information can be found on the Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford University site.

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